There is a spy among us!

Does your cat have a “spot?”

Both of mine definitely do. And I’d say they spend about 50% of their lives in that one favorite spot. For Lola, it is the guest room bed by the heater vent. When she’s hanging out there, nothing will disturb her. It’s one of the only places in the house that she will contently sit next to anybody.

Nothing can disturb Lola when she is in her "spot"

Nothing can disturb Lola when she is in her “spot”

Joaquin, however, is not as social. He prefers to be is as far away from reach as possible. However, he still needs to be able to monitor what is going on in the house. Can you guess where his “spot” is?

Here’s a hint…

Cat Spying on the Fridge

…the fluffy leg sticking out is dead giveaway…

Foot hanging off the fridge

Sneaky cat is watching your every move.

Spying from the refrigerator

I spy a spy among us!

I spy a spy cat


The refrigerator provides a perfect lookout post for Joaquin to spy on us all day long. It’s perfect for him: he’s out of reach from Lola, the vacuum, and the humans. Close, but not TOO close.

Is your cat a spy? Where is his spot?


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