Morning Cat Rituals


It’s not what it looks like. Joaquin is actually giving a sleepy morning yawn here, not a ferocious roar.

There are few things that I can count on in life like my cats’ morning rituals.

Sometimes I like to pretend that I actually trained my cats to do these things. I like to dictate orders to them–things I know they will do regardless of me saying anything–so I feel like I’m in somewhat of control of this household. I bet I could really impress a house guest sometime if they heard me say “now jump in the tub!” and saw Joaquin obediently comply. Little would they know that absolutely nothing could stop him from jumping in the tub like that at exactly the same time every single morning.

I really treasure our morning rituals. It’s our special happy cat/owner bonding time.

Now let’s walk through a typical morning…

About 10 minutes after the alarm goes off and I have FINALLY convinced myself to roll out of bed, Joaquin appears. The jumbo fluff ball jumps into bed and starts purring and cuddling and being the sweetest, loveliest cat ever, causing my snooze to extend an additional 5 minutes.

I finally get up, head to the bathroom, and close the door behind me. Lola uses all her strength to push the bathroom door open. Joaquin follows closely behind.

Knocking on the Door

Knock, knock…

Please Knock Lola

Can’t I get some privacy around here?

Joaquin proceeds to sharpen his “nails” on the laundry basket. Lola does a downward dog cat yoga stretch.

Sharpening the Claws

Joaquin… you don’t have claws.

Both cats race to jump into the bathtub and ask me to turn on the faucet to a slight drizzle. Lola promptly knocks Joaquin out of the way, causing him to exit the tub without getting a drink. Lola, in her excitement, begins lapping up the faucet water rapidly. Lola then starts choking and caughing because she drank the water too fast.

Bathtub Cat

Joaquin had already been kicked out by the time I got the camera out for this one.

Delicious Faucet Water

Then the real excitement begins: the morning chase. [No photo available. Too crazy.] A whirlwind of chasing up and down the stairs, followed by vicious attacks and loud growling. Somehow husband remains asleep. I finish getting dressed and begin putting on makeup. That’s about the time when the makeup sneak attack comes…

Cat Sneak Attack


It’s almost time to leave so I head downstairs. Lola cuts me off at the top of the steps and tries to trip me, but is not successful. Once in the kitchen she runs to the food bowl and begins either devouring her leftover corn bits and/or desperately begging for more.

Delicious corn

Joaquin then seizes the opportunity for attention and jumps on the countertop to start licking the faucet. After a finger snap and a mean look from me he voices a complaint and jumps down.


“Joaquin thats gross! Stop it!”

The morning rituals have finally come to a close and I’m off to work! See ya later cats… now go wake up my husband!

What are your cat’s morning rituals?

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